Do you rent snowmobiles without having to have a guide?

Yes, we most certainly do! You can always rent any of our available snowmobiles to go ride on your own.

Is delivery available with a sled only rental?
Yes, delivery options to private land are available. We also rent trailers that you may use to transport your rented sled from us as well.
What exactly is the “Private Thunderstruck Adventure Mountain” we hear talked about so much?

It’s exactly that, a completely private mountain that only TSA is exclusively able to ride with clients like you. Check out the tab “Adventures” for full details and just exactly how cool this private mountain and its terrain is.

What type of terrain does the TSA Private Mountain have?
We are really lucky to be able to say that we have a little of everything at our mountain. Powder Meadows, Technical Tree Riding, Scenic Trails, Downhill Powder Descents, Cliff drops, V-bottom riding, rock faces & Chutes, technical ravine riding, and everything in between! We TRULY have something for everyone and all ability level of riders.
What is the experience level required to ride with Thunderstruck Adventures?
Every year we get people that have never ridden a sled before, to those that are at the professional level of riding. We can say with pride that we are able to cater to any and all styles of riding. We pair you accordingly with our professional guides to ensure you get the most out of your day. From beautiful scenic tours, to extreme backcountry adventures, let us know what you’re after and we will make sure to deliver exactly what you desire while on the snow with us!
What does the Pro Ride Adventure all include?
This is our premium, white glove service that we offer. The Pro Ride Adventure offers everything you need to ensure the most successful day on the hill. Sled rental, a Professional guide, Private Mountain Riding, Gear, Lunch, and anything else that we can assist with in ensuring you have the best time on the snow with us.
We have our own sleds but want to ride the private mountain, is this okay?
Yes! You can go ahead and book “Pro Ride Adventure without Sled Rental” to ride your own machine on our private mountain with one of our guides.
Can we ride the Private Mountain without a guide?

No, all guests that want to ride the private mountain must book one of our Pro Ride Adventure packages (either with or without a sled rental).

Do you provide gear?
We have full sets of KLIM snowmobiling gear available. Please let us know if you need more than just a snowmobiling specific helmet when booking though.
Is gear included in the price?
Yes, for all Pro Ride Adventure clients, any gear you may need is available at no additional cost. If you are doing a rental only though, additional snowmobile gear is available at an additional cost.
Where do we meet before riding?
You will meet us at our shop in town (2740 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO) AT 9:00 AM to sign paperwork and get any gear you need ready for the day. From there it is only a 20 minute drive to our trailhead that we ride from.
Why should we choose Thunderstruck Adventures?

The team at Thunderstruck Adventures is extremely passionate about snowmobiling and sharing their passion with others. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients and ensuring they have the best possible time on the snow while using our services and rentals. No matter your ability or experience, we want to cater to your wants and needs. Snowmobiling is a way for people to enjoy some of the most beautiful areas of the backcountry, as well as enjoy the company of each other. We strive to provide the best possible service we can for each and every client. We are a small family-owned business and hope each client feels that small company vibe when using our services.

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