The TSA Private Mountain has terrain that is suitable for all ability level of riders, we truly have something for everyone. From first time riders, to true industry professionals, we have you covered!

Powder Meadows

Cliffs + Drops

Technical Tree Riding

Ravines & V-Bottoms

Scenic Trail Riding

Alpine & Chutes

With dozens of untouched powder meadows & downhill powder descents, every day is a powder day at the TSA compound! Not having to fight over terrain & fresh powder with hundreds (or even thousands) of other riders is a huge advantage that only our private mountain offers that nobody else can even come close to.

Technical Tree Riding has become the favorite type of riding for many snowmobilers. We are lucky in Colorado to be able to provide some of the best technical tree riding in the world.

For those that want to see & experience some of the most epic scenery that Northern Colorado has to offer, you are in the right place! Our mountain offers some of the most beautiful views & terrain in the area. It truly is terrain that once you see and ride in person, you won’t forget.

Very few things in life are as rewarding as exploring the backcountry with your friends and family. With thousands of acres of different zones to explore, you are sure to get into areas that very few people will ever see or experience.

When we say we have a little bit of everything at the TSA compound, we mean it! Advanced riders will be pleased with the variety of terrain we have. While the rock ridges and chutes don’t make up a very large majority of our riding area, we still have access to entry level chutes & drops!

Ready to step it up a notch and ride some of the most technical and challenging V-bottom terrain at our very own Day Creek? If so, get ready to push your riding abilities and experience some of the most exciting ravine bottom riding in Colorado.